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Group Photo

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  The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & former American president Nixon
                                 had a group photo taken in 1993

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The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua 

    < height="270" width="400" alt="" src="/html/Image/2009112318101087999.jpg" />
The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & Hong Kong Chief Executive Zeng, Yinquan

    < height="270" width="400" alt="" src="/html/Image/2009112318105656495.jpg" />
     The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & Vice-governor Tang, Bingquan

    < height="270" width="400" alt="" src="/html/Image/2009112318114791825.jpg" />
            The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & Premier of BC Province,
                                        Canada Gorden Campbell 

    < height="300" width="400" alt="" src="/html/Image/2009112318124481240.jpg" />

The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai & Division Director of Immigration Section
                                 in Victoria State, Australia Jay Haugh

    < height="300" width="400" alt="" src="/html/Image/2009112318145064498.jpg" />
  The president of MCD Mr. Qiu Shaohuai, General Manager Mr. Qiu, Shaobo
                          & the Principal and Dean of Houghton Academy

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